Haggai Reinsurance Brokers

Professional, Unique & Innovative Reinsurance Intermediary Services in Nigeria.

Welcome to Haggai Reinsurance Brokers

Haggai Reinsurance Brokers is a professional and innovative reinsurance brokerage firm in Nigeria.

At Haggai Reinsurance Brokers, we combine excellent service with quality advice by offering you something truly special because of our unique relationship with leading risk management and insurance organisations.

Haggai Reinsurance Brokers is a subsidiary of Haggai Group – a leading, reputable reinsurance intermediary and logistics firm with a knack for doing things the right way.

Reinsurance Brokerage Services

At Haggai, We provide a comprehensive range of insurance brokerage services covering the following areas:

  1. Facultative
  2. Treaty
  3. Pool

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