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Haggai Insurance Brokers

We provide optimal and tailored insurance solutions so that you can focus on growing your small, medium or large business.

Insurance Consultancy Services

Haggai Insurance Brokers is a firm of competent insurance professionals that stands out among others and this can be attested to our huge participation on insurances of various institutions in the private, public and social sectors.

Our services extend beyond that of merely arranging insurance cover. We seek to improve risk management by thoroughly reviewing existing insurances and proffering enhanced and affordable solutions to meet with the needs of interested parties.

With our experience and technical expertise, Haggai Insurance Brokers Limited provides Insurance Consultancy Services for:

  1. Corporate Organizations,
  2. Public Institutions,
  3. Social Organizations such as Cooperatives, Unions, Associations, etc,
  4. High-Income Individuals.

Our Insurance Consultancy Service includes:

  1. Reviewing All Insurable risk exposures associated with your activities.
  2. Ascertaining whether current insurance provides adequate insurance cover.
  3. Verifying the authenticity of current insurance policies and their insurers.
  4. Identifying flaws and gaps in existing insurance policies and portfolios.
  5. Examining existing policies’ terms and conditions to ensure that they are appropriate, favourable and adequate.
  6. Reviewing Current Insurance Rates and Premiums paid to ascertain if they are competitive, adequate and equitable.
  7. Having Identified Gaps ( under-coverage or no cover ), we will offer advice on suitable insurances that are tailored to meet your unique needs.
  8. Monitoring of proper placement of all insurable risks.
  9. Providing professional advice for your betterment.
  10. Providing professional advice on profitable ways of processing claims, in order to ensure prompt and equitable settlement.

Benefits of our Insurance Consultancy Service

  1. Helping you comply with statutory insurance laws.
  2. Helping you to have adequate and appropriate insurance cover for your assets, personnel, etc.
  3. Protect you from exposure to undue risks.
  4. Continued and Increased engagement in insurance will attract and retain good employees.
  5. Create goodwill between you and your personnel.
  6. Gives you peace of mind and fulfillment.
  7. Increase your prestige due to total compliance to insurance laws.
  8. Prompt and Equitable Settlement of verifiable Insurance Claims.
  9. Ensure that dependents of you and your personnel are financially stable for the foreseeable future.

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